Bright, easy to spot & an icon in Glens Falls, NY... just like John O'Brien. 

Warm & inviting, like a little slice of home... everything that Samantha’s Café stands for.

John O’Brien is a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent. Like his father before him, it’s not just about insuring his clients. It’s about working with people, listening to their stories, and spending time with them to make sure they are taken care of and have the right protection in place.

For the owners of Samantha’s Café, it’s about working with people they know and trust; who share their commitment to helping others.

Simply said, that’s why Samantha’s Café chose John as their insurance agent and that’s why there’s a bowl of his pens at their café. John keeps working to protect Samantha’s Café so they can keep serving their community.

Samantha's Cafe owners share why they chose John O'Brien

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