The story behind these hands and these crayons is unique, but not unusual.

It all starts in Central New York, where two quiet voices are making one loud impact on their community, not only locally but nationwide. 

                        Story Poster

                        Story Poster

The hands are expressive, passionate, and knowledgeable. They can tell a story, share in a celebration and provide comfort when needed. Most importantly, they offer an opportunity to communicate with the world for those otherwise unable to, just like Gary Meyer.

Bright, visual, and colorful, crayons provide a way to share thoughts and dream dreams without having to say a word. They are an outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds, an opportunity to express feelings and connect with one another. It’s everything that Christine Kovar and her organization Whole Me, Inc. stands for and represents.

The connection between these two seemingly different things is the greatest story. It’s the way that the two find a voice within each other and help those in the deaf community find their voice as well.