When you think of hunger, who do you see? Your neighbor? Your child’s classmate? A senior?

There is no one face of hunger. Those in need of food assistance don’t fit one particular mold. But the need is real, as the Food Bank of Western New York knows all too well. The food bank works hard to provide nutrition and support to hungry families, children, and seniors in need in their community. And Big I Western New York is there to help.


While the city of Buffalo, New York is experiencing a renaissance, this economic upswing is not benefitting everyone. There is still a large disparity between income levels in many areas, making the work of the food bank vital in not only the city, but also suburbs and rural communities.

No one knows better than insurance agents that people can be just one unexpected crisis away from needing help. Independent insurance agents in the area realize the importance of coming together, being active in their communities, and giving back. As one of the oldest industries in Buffalo, the insurance industry has survived there for so long because of clients and community. Because of this, it was a natural fit for the independent insurance agent group Big I Western New York to partner with the Food Bank of Western New York.

As a supporter of the Western New York Food Bank, Big I Western New York has provided over 95,000 meals to the community over the years through the Food to Families fundraiser. The donations from this allow the food bank to provide nutritious food to families over the holidays and into the new year, and ensure that they are able to have a holiday meal.

When an unexpected crisis occurs, the insurance industry and agents are one of the first places people turn to for assistance. By partnering with the Food Bank of Western New York, the independent insurance agents of Big I Western New York show that their commitment to the community goes above and beyond these responsibilities. Whether through food, funds, or volunteering, they know that their efforts make Western New York an even better place to live.