Light its fuse and watch it go! Bright, colorful and full of explosive energy, just like Linda Rey. 

1883 Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow. A piece of the past that shines once more thanks to people like Burns Patterson.

Linda Rey is a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent. Like her father before her and her sister alongside her, it’s not just about insuring clients. It’s about getting out in the community, meeting people, listening to their stories, and helping them pursue their passions like starting a business. 

For Burns, it was about finding someone who shared his love for “staying local” that could provide the support, knowledge and trust he needed to get his firm off the ground. 

That’s why he chose Linda and why together they keep working to make Sleepy Hollow a brighter place.

Burns Patterson shares why he chose Linda Rey

                                   Story Poster

                                   Story Poster

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